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Just want to say how proud I am of all our students that tested this last weekend.  You guys did a outstanding job congrats to all of you.  I look forward to see you all gain more knowledge as you learn your new curriculum.






This last Saturday we had thirteen students enter into Larry Field’s Tumbleweed Karate Championship in Abilene Texas. Out of the four adults who went: Quaylen Lykes placed 1st in Gi grappling, 1st in No-Gi grappling, 2nd in point sparring, 3rd in continuous sparring and 3rd in forms. Jake Suniga (not shown) placed 3rd in forms. Christy Ludwick placed 1st in black belt sparring and competitor in black belt forms. Jessica Montgomery placed 1st in sparring and 1st in forms. Out of the nine juniors we had competing: Dahntay Walker placed 2nd in Gi grappling and competed in demo, forms, and sparring. Tori Unsworth competed in forms, sparring, and weapons specialty. Caleb Bostick placed 1st in Gi grappling, 2nd in forms, and 3rd in sparring. Marli McKee competed in demo, forms, and sparring. Joshua Wilson (not shown) competed in demo, forms, and sparring. Sean Yoder (not shown) placed 3rd in sparring and competed in forms. Daniel Coers competed in forms and sparring. Rizonn Hendricks placed 1st in sparring and 1st in forms. Payton Bartlett placed 3rd in sparring and competed in demo and forms.

Guys, I must say, the people going to tournaments and representing our academy at those tournaments have been doing an amazing job! At this last tournament in Dallas, the Big “D” Nationals, we had seven people competing.

Listed in Photo from left to right

Payton, Tori, Jessica, Rizonn, Quaylen, Joshua


Rizonn Hendricks  -

3rd sparring

3rd forms                    


Joshua Wilson -


3rd sparring


Tori Unsworth -

2nd Forms


Payton Bartlet -


3rd Forms


Jessica Montgomery -

3rd Kung Fu Forms

2nd Kenpo Forms

3rd Sparring


Quaylen Lykes -

2nd AOK Forms

2nd Sparring


Jake Suniga – (not pictured)

2nd AOK Forms

3rd Kung Fu Forms


All of our students went and did amazing jobs! They all gave it one hundred percent and everyone had fun! Next month we are going to the Tumbleweed Tournament in Abilene, anyone who is interested come on in and get a flier to pre-register for it!


We had a awesome sparring class.  This place was pack.  There was almost 30 kids here!  We did bag drills then free sparring .  There were 4 rings going so everybody got to spar 3 or 4 times.  Man it was high energy in here last night!!

Heart of Texas Martial Arts went to our first AOK tournament of the season. These three students; Quaylen Lykes, Jessica Montgomery, and Rizonn Hendricks did a very good job representing our school.

Quaylen Lykes placed First in Sparring, and Third in Forms

Jessica Montgomery placed First in Sparring and Forms

Rizonn Hendricks was a Forms Competitor and a Sparring Competitor

We are hoping to do as well at our next tournament coming up in a few weeks.

Congratulations to Sean Yoder

for achieving the rank of Blue with Black stripe Belt!! Sean is the highest ranked youth in our academy, and he has been training with us since January of 2005. That is 6 years worth of mat time that he has put into his training here at our academy!! We would all like to give Sean a large congratulations on his amazing achievements here! Sean started our academy as a Little Dragon when he was just 5 years old, and worked his way up the ladder into the Youth class. Sean does many sports besides this, including Soccer, Basketball, Football, Baseball, as well as being an honor roll student. Sean has so much on his plate, we are amazed that he is able to handle all of it not only as well as he does, but also with the amount of grace that he does.

Hey guys! We just got in these great new shirts, but we only have a few in stock. Make sure you come by to get yours because it is a one time offer.

Congratulations to Peter for his new Belt: White with Yellow Stripe.

Also, welcome to new students:  Tanner Jones and Joshua Wilson

Congratulations to Christian and Jacob for receiving their White w/Purple stripe and White w/Orange stripe belts respectively.

Congratulation to these guys, They did a awesome job on their test!