Congratulations to Sean Yoder

for achieving the rank of Blue with Black stripe Belt!! Sean is the highest ranked youth in our academy, and he has been training with us since January of 2005. That is 6 years worth of mat time that he has put into his training here at our academy!! We would all like to give Sean a large congratulations on his amazing achievements here! Sean started our academy as a Little Dragon when he was just 5 years old, and worked his way up the ladder into the Youth class. Sean does many sports besides this, including Soccer, Basketball, Football, Baseball, as well as being an honor roll student. Sean has so much on his plate, we are amazed that he is able to handle all of it not only as well as he does, but also with the amount of grace that he does.

One Response to “Congratulations Sean!”

  • Melvin O. Helmle:

    Now you have a really proud greatgma and gpa way up here
    in Idaho. If anybody could do it, YOU could do it. And you
    did. Congratulations !!!